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Are you able to answer questions on 3rd parties?
yes, I am to a certain extent, but I wont complete readings on another without their knowledge, only if they have some involvement in your life, past or present.

How quickly can you complete my reading?
I do offer a same day service for urgent requests, but you do need to place your order before 2pm on monday to fridays and before noon on saturdays. GMT/BST. This service isnt available on sundays or bank holidays. My standard readings are usually completed within 48 hours.

Do you offer phone readings or skype readings?
No, I dont offer these readings. I offer email or postal readings.

Can I ask more questions after the reading?
No, not new questions but I will always be happy to clarify anything that isnt clear or appears condfusing for you.

Are Spells Safe? Yes they are, BUT. It is my belief that you need to take great care when attempting any spell, but especially love spells. Although I do carry out love spells for people I have, over many years perfected a method that is powerful but also safe. This does not force someone to come to you, that is a very dangerous area to meddle in! In my opinion those spells always come back at you.  The spells that I work will encourage your mate to have a rethink and return to you, and help to rekindle the love that you had, for reconciliation, for new love it may just be that someone needs a little helping hand to make an approach. I also work on your magnetism and vibration, this helps you to be at your personal best and to allow love into your life.

Do You protect your client whilst casting? My spell workings are very powerful, but also safe and you will be protected along with me during the casting of your spell. All my spell work is within a white path and  I am a white witch and always work within the light.

Will you cast a revenge spell for me?
No. I will not take on any magical workings for revenge or harm

Are your spells the same for everyone, or are they custom spells for my situation?
I individually tailor all spells for your exact needs, I work on root causes and choose the path of least resistance to work towards a quick safe result for you. I have often succeeded where others have failed!

Do you offer a guarantee?
In line with true occult tradition I know that no spell can be fully guaranteed. That is fallacy and not fact. However, I do guarantee that I work to a very powerful and dedicated level. With your highest good always in mind.

How long will my spell take to work? Spells start to work as soon as they are cast. Manifestation takes any time from a few days to 12 weeks, depending on the case and the difficulty level including whether other casts have been performed prior to my work. Average time is 4-6 weeks.

Will you always reply to me? 
Yes. I never ignore a client regardless of when their work finished. I usually reply to emails within 48 hours. Please remember I am only human though, and occasionally I am offline for a few days. so please allow 2 or 3 days before emailing again to request that I reply.