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Welcome to psychic reading. My web site has been running now for over 14 years and I have clients from all over the world. I am a natural clairvoyant, Reiki master and occultist, with many years experience. I have had a lot of life experience and coupled with my close link to my spirit guides I can help to guide you. I can understand what you are going through and aim to help see the best path forward for your individual situation.

I have recently found someone to help me with my workload, but I dont pass my readings to anyone else unless its is agreed with my client. If I am very busy and you are in a rush i can suggest that Morgana could complete your reading more quickly than I could. But you will always have a choice and I dont 'farm out' my readings to anyone, so if you book with me, you will get me reading for you. It would always be discussed if I am exceptionally booked up with readings. After an extensive search I found the perfect person to work with me, she is a lovely lady called Morgana, very experienced and a natural clairvoyant and healer. She has had the gift all her life but started using it aged 12, she is now in her late 30's. After putting in a lot of time studying and honing her gift she has been working professionally for many years now. She will be working along side me and from her own website. She now has a big client base of her own and although she spends less time working with me, we do still work closely. She is also available if you feel you may need a second opinion on psychic matters.